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#URTRiPiN’ – If I Don’t “Pay” Taxes How Will I Know What To Do After An Earthquake?

Hmm. I just revised the “about” section, but I may have to do it again. At the moment this blog seems like a good way effectively to channel my frustration with the learned idiocy of the world.

Economics is not my thing, and I mean this in just about every way possible. I tested out of high school two years early, so I missed a basic course on it, and for whatever reasons, I avoided the topic in college and graduate school. My personal finances have been a mess for most of my working life.

However, it does not take a specialist to understand that taxes are not paid. Taxes are stolen. In this case it seems they may have been stolen from the stupid people targeted by this post. They really said this:

Want to make sure you get fast notifications whenever the National Tsunami Warning Center issues an alert or a statement? Send a text to 40404 with the message ‘follow_NWS_NTWC’. You will get texts of every National Tsunami Center Warning, Advisory, Watch, or Statement as soon as it is issued. This is the text message for March 9. It was sent 4 minutes after the earthquake. The preliminary magnitude at that time was 7.0. The USGS subsequently revised it to 6.8. NOTE – if the ground shaking had been strong enough on March 9 to damage communications and cell towers – you wouldn’t have received the text. Use the natural warning of the long-lasting ground shaking to evacuate if you are in a tsunami zone.

My comment:

Use the ground shaking as a warning? Who did not know this? Sigh. Taxes “justified” again. “I see a big wave but government did not text me. Is it real?” :op … If they didn’t pay* taxes, we might just let the idiots who gather at the beach to sort of weed themselves out of the gene pool. … *taxes are not paid; they are stolen.

fb screen 3-22-2014 Tsunami

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