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#URTRiPiN’ And You Are The Red Pill News

Here is the latest incarnation of the mission statement, so to speak, of The Red Pill News:

The purpose/point of this blog is to aggregate news and information in regard to our liberty and our freedoms. Original content may be posted now and again, but for the most part this site will serve as a collection of what is going on the world, as well as (hopefully) spark some fire into the souls on their journey in “the matrix.” Asking the right questions is a good place to start. Repetition/rote can result in obfuscation of “truths” that otherwise would raise a lot of good questions. As “they” say: Problems have to be identified before they can be solved.

My goal is to stock the site with serious, important and relevant material – lots of “red pill” stuff. It is not easy, but necessary. The only options after waking up are remaining vigilant while figuring out how best to move forward, or plugging back in (Cypher did this in the movie, but it was an allegory about how selling the soul is required in order to go back to a state of ignorance). So: remain awake, or join the ranks of the zombies working for the new world order.

Remember: It’s always darkest before the dawn of the light at the end of the tunnel. Er, something like that.

Links appear also above the page header image in the “Everything Else” sub-menu.

Strength to you on this journey.


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