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Operation Tomodachi – What Happened To U.S. Service Members Suing For Fukushima Radiation Exposure?

Operation Tomodachi  – What Happened To U.S. Service Members Suing For Fukushima  Radiation Exposure?

The headline pretty much says it. Per the most recent report that I can find, there was a court date scheduled for October, 2013.

They will be in federal court in San Diego on Oct. 3 to fight a TEPCO motion for a change of venue to Tokyo and a motion to dismiss, Garner said.

The plaintiffs allege that TEPCO lied about the risk of exposure, luring American forces closer to the affected areas and lulling others at bases across Japan to disregard safety measures. They are seeking at least $40 million each in compensatory and punitive damages and more than $1 billion for a fund to cover health monitoring and medical expenses.

Most of the plaintiffs contacted by Stars and Stripes did not return messages. Several said they were being threatened and harassed through anonymous phone calls and social media for bringing the suit and declined to comment. The plaintiffs have been accused of being fortune-seekers by their peers and for allegedly sullying the operation’s goodwill.

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