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Is Your Head In The Sand At Ground Zero? How To Get Fukushima Updates

Last night I happened to catch Ground Zero, with Clyde Lewis, as a show that normally I listen to at that time was airing a rebroadcast. I am grateful that finally he decided to cover this topic, yet I was shocked to realize that despite his claims of doing research all day (which quickly he clarified had taken place over four or five days), he still did not understand even the basics of what was going on. Fortunately, it seemed he learned as the show progressed; new information was provided, and calls came in.

It is nothing personal, but I found the astonishment/amazement of Lewis to be somewhat annoying. Radiation has been spewing from the plant for nearly three years. Perhaps this is common of anybody who may have just now made the effort to stay informed about the most important issue affecting our survival, but it did not inspire hope. Making more of an effort to gather “facts” from Revelation seems irresponsible in the face of facts about the science of reality, in this case.

My Concerns:

Lewis was not clear as to which units had melted down, and how many. The spent fuel rods are being stored in Unit 4, yet he said they were going to open the gates of hell this month, to see if the core to reactor #4 was still there, or if it had melted down. WTF?

NOTE: The cores of reactors 1-3 have melted down AND through. That is, they melted right through the containment, and beyond. Nobody seems to know where they are. This is the situation that Lewis describes as being “The China Syndrome”. Once a hypothetical situation from a movie, now it is quite real. However, at Fukushima there were three melt-throughs. The Unit 4 cooling pond is 100 feet in the air, and damaged. This is far worse than the nightmare scenario presented in the movie.

Lewis claimed that one of the reasons he waited to do the show is because of the fatalistic nature of the topic. He speculated that the reason that the story of Fukushima has disappeared from mainstream news is because people will wary of feeling helpless. Or, there are only so many times that people can be told their lives and the life of the planet are threatened, before they tune out. The fact is, the threat to our survival is quite real, and pussy footing around it to avoid making people think about the real world is not acceptable – Take two RNA drops and call me in the morning?

I can understand not wanting to surround ones self with fatalistic information, but that even Lewis had to go searching for information about Fukushima at all is disconcerting, to say the least. Rather than focus on the substantive aspects of the catastrophe, Lewis seemingly remained in somewhat of a denial mode, as well as made a stretch to tie all of this in with the Book of Revelation (Chapter 8), Wormwood, and comet ISON.

PROBLEM: How can people opt to tune out from a reality that was never presented to them, fully, in the first place? We have learned that much of what we were told was not accurate, or blatant lies. How much value is there in doing an initial exploration of the science, in conjunction with making a defense that it is tied in to Biblical prophecy that was allegedly about Chernobyl?

We have been conditioned that if something is not on television, it is not real, or not to be taken seriously. Indeed, for many, regardless of information that may come their way, if it was not on television, they do not believe it. This is a big problem, considering that television is run by the State, and corporations: we only see what they want us to see.

Considering all that Lewis has been through with his health, I do not blame him for not wanting to take in information that may drain precious energy. Yet, I see no value in denying the full magnitude of this calamity by hoping it is not so. This seems so “New Age” to me: if we do not think about, it is not real.

Reality is that which, even when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away – Philip K. Dick

Where To Get Information About Fukushima

Hosts of shows on independent media have been covering the topic. Most notably, Truth Frequency Radio – Look for updates from The Energy Show With Liam Scheff. Various hosts from Down The Rabbit Hole, and The Freedom Link, also cover Fukushima. One of their primary sources:


Energy News on Facebook

Current Articles on ENE News

RT America has also been providing coverage, both in print, and via shows. There are also updates provided on Twitter:

Japan to begin removal of fuel rods from Fukushima plant – November 07, 2013


#福島 WorldViews: I toured the devastated Fukushima nuclear plant. This is what I saw. (Wash… http://t.co/Tn4rIYN35T#fukushima#nuclear

— Occupy Fukushima (@fukushima_actu) November 7, 2013

Fukushma Response on Facebook – for updates, as well as events taking place, locally.

Fukushima Response Bay Area   / Fukushima Is Here:


A couple of weeks ago, I posted the following aside, below, to Social Work Unplugged: 

Fukushima After Awareness: Are We Prepared For Decades Of Radiation Updates?

Right after posting, here about Fukushima, I had to go back and make an edit, as I discovered claims that concerns about contaminated seafood are overblown. Then this from RT, only a few hours later: Heavy rains overflow barriers surrounding Fukushima water tanks.

The following are reflections on what to add as a comment for sharing the article on Facebook:

Wait. Just a few hours ago we were being reassured that all that bad radiation is tapering off and getting dispersed in the ocean.

Next concern: since awareness of the gravity of a problem is required in order to do something about it,  how do more people learn about what is really happening at Fukushima, and across the globe, in order to apply enough pressure?

It’s not that politicians care about us, but if it becomes too obvious that they are killing us off, they may need to move ahead. Then again, destruction is all that they seem to desire,  so perhaps there is no moving ahead for those who do not mind taking their chances with the entire planet – this “War on Terra”.

Anyhow, if we are afforded the time, how will we strike a sane balance of staying aware of what is happening at Fukushima, with the reality that this will continue to be a pressing concern for many generations/decades?

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