Secret agenda (21) at city hall? + Agenda 21 For Dummies

Secret agenda (21) at city hall?

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James Chilton
Wyoming News.com
November 4, 2012

CHEYENNE — Most people don’t instinctively cringe when they hear of concepts like bike lanes, smart meters and high-speed rail.

But in recent years, a small but vocal contingent of citizens across the country – including here in Cheyenne – has begun to see a sinister side to those very ideas.

To them, terms like “smart growth” are really code for the eventual erosion of private property rights. They fear people in positions of power are colluding – some knowingly, some unwittingly – to convert America into a dystopian society: a land where private property is abolished, where people are forced into prescribed habitation zones, and where all natural resources are under the exclusive control of the government.

And they believe the lynchpin of this grotesque transformation of society is a little-known United Nations document called Agenda 21.


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Agenda 21: The United Nations Threat To Control Our Lightbulbs, Our Lifestyles and Our Lives

disagreed with TreeHugger Brian the other day, about what is driving the Tea Party madness in Washington. He said money; I said ideology. Here’s why.

In my spare time, I am active in the Heritage Preservation movement; I think old buildings and communities are more than relics from the past, they are templates for the future. For the last year I have been trying to determine the cause of a remarkable rise in the belief that property rights are sacrosanct, even in Canada where they were consipicuously left out of the constitution and have not ever really existed. Where heritage preservation used to be derided by many as conservative and reactionary, a bunch of old whiners trying to stop change, now it is suddenly socialist. The more I read, the more I kept coming up against a new term: Agenda 21. And it underpins the ideological opposition to everything from streetcars to planning to lightbulbs to climate change.1 document from the United Nations started goes back to Rio in1992 and is pretty innocuous, given that nobody really pays much attention to these things, and they are not exactly the law of the land. It includes goals such as:

Reduce adverse effects on the atmosphere from the energy sector by promoting policies or programmes, as appropriate, to increase the contribution of environmentally sound and cost-effective energy systems, particularly new and renewable ones, through less polluting and more efficient energy production, transmission, distribution and use.

Develop and promote, as appropriate, cost-effective, more efficient, less polluting and safer transport systems, particularly integrated rural and urban mass transit, as well as environmentally sound road networks, taking into account the needs for sustainable social, economic and development priorities, particularly in developing countries.



TAVN / #Infowars Media Panic to Control Exposure of Agenda 21 Takeover

TAVN / #Infowars Media Panic to Control Exposure of Agenda 21 Takeover

5 comments on “Secret agenda (21) at city hall? + Agenda 21 For Dummies

  1. Agenda 21 is an under reported threat, thank you for posting on this topic.

  2. […] #TAVN – Secret agenda (21) at city hall? + Agenda 21 For Dummies (troymburnettnews.com) […]

  3. […] #TAVN – Secret agenda (21) at city hall? + Agenda 21 For Dummies […]

  4. […] #TAVN – Secret agenda (21) at city hall? + Agenda 21 For Dummies (troymburnettnews.com) […]

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