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UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development is implemented worldwide to inventory and control all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all information, and all human beings in the world.   INVENTORY AND CONTROL.

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Have you wondered where these terms ‘sustainability’ and ‘smart growth’ and ‘high density urban mixed use development’ came from?  Doesn’t it seem like about 10 years ago you’d never heard of them and now everything seems to include these concepts?  Is that just a coincidence?  That every town and county and state and nation in the world would be changing their land use/planning codes and government policies to align themselves with…what?

First, before I get going, I want to say that yes, I know it’s a small world and it takes a village and we’re all one planet etc.  I also know that we have a government of the people, by the people, and for the people, and that as cumbersome as that can be sometimes (Donald Rumsfeld said that the Chinese have it easy; they don’t have to ask their people if they agree.  And Bush Junior said that it would be great to have a dictator as long as he was the dictator), we have a three branch government and the Bill of Rights, Constitution, and self-determination.  This is one of the reasons why people want to come to the US, right?  We don’t have Tiananmen Square here, generally speaking (yes, I remember Kent State–not the same, and yes, an outrage.) So I’m not against making certain issues a priority, such as mindful energy use, alternative energy sponsorship, recycling/reuse, and sensitivity to all living creatures.

But then you have UN Agenda 21.  What is it?  See our videos and radio shows at the bottom of this page (or search YouTube for Rosa Koire) or buyBEHIND THE GREEN MASK: U.N. Agenda 21 by Rosa Koire click here


Considering its policies are woven into all the General Plans of the cities and counties,  it’s important for people to know where these policies are coming from.  While many people support the United Nations for its peacemaking efforts, hardly anyone knows that they have very specific land use policies that they would like to see implemented in every city, county, state and nation.  The specific plan is called United Nations Agenda 21 Sustainable Development, which has its basis in Communitarianism.  By now, most Americans have heard of sustainable development but are largely unaware of Agenda 21.

In a nutshell, the plan calls for governments to take control of all land use and not leave any of the decision making in the hands of private property owners.  It is assumed that people are not good stewards of their land and the government will do a better job if they are in control.  Individual rights in general are to give way to the needs of communities as determined by the governing body.  Moreover, people should be rounded up off the land and packed into human settlements, or islands of human habitation, close to employment centers and transportation.  Another program, called the Wildlands Project spells out how most of the land is to be set aside for non-humans.

U.N. Agenda 21 cites the affluence of Americans as being a major problem which needs to be corrected.  It calls for lowering the standard of living for Americans so that the people in poorer countries will have more, a redistribution of wealth.  Although people around the world aspire to achieve the levels of prosperity we have in our country, and will risk their lives to get here, Americans are cast in a very negative light and need to be taken down to a condition closer to average in the world.  Only then, they say, will there be social justice which is a cornerstone of the U.N. Agenda 21 plan.

Agenda 21 policies date back to the 70’s but it got its real start in 1992 at the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro when President Bush signed onto it.  President Clinton signed it later and continued the program in the United States.  A non-governmental organization called the International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives,  ICLEI, is tasked with carrying out the goals of Agenda 21.  Over 600 cities in the U.S. are members; our town joined in 2007. The costs are paid by taxpayers.

It’s time that people educate themselves and read the document and related commentary.  After that, get a copy of your city or county’s General Plan and read it.  You will find all sorts of policies that are nearly identical to those in U.N. Agenda 21.  Unfortunately, their policies have advanced largely unnoticed and we are now in the end game.  People need to identify their elected officials who are promoting the U.N.’s  policies and hold them accountable for their actions.  Only when we’ve identified who the people are and what they are trying to do will we be able to evaluate whether or not we approve of the policies they are putting forward.  Some people may think it’s appropriate for agencies outside the United States to set our policies and some people will not.  The question is, aren’t  Americans  able to develop their own policies?  Should we rely on an organization that consists of member nations that have different forms of governments, most of which do not value individual rights as much as we do?  It’s time to bring U.N. Agenda 21 out in the open where we can have these debates and then set our own policies in accordance with our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Ok, you say, interesting, but I don’t see how that really affects me. Here are a few ways:

No matter where you live, I’ll bet that there have been hundreds of condos built in the center of your town recently.  Over the last ten years there has been a ‘planning revolution’ across the US.  Your commercial, industrial, and multi-residential land was rezoned to ‘mixed use.’ Nearly everything that got approvals for development was designed the same way: ground floor retail with two stories of residential above.  Mixed use.  Very hard to finance for construction, and very hard to manage since it has to have a high density of people in order to justify the retail.  A lot of it is empty and most of the ground floor retail is empty too. High bankruptcy rate.

So what?  Most of your towns provided funding and/or infrastructure development for these private projects.  They used Redevelopment Agency funds.  Your money.  Specifically, your property taxes.  Notice how there’s very little money in your General Funds now, and most of that is going to pay Police and Fire?  Your street lights are off, your parks are shaggy, your roads are pot-holed, your hospitals are closing.  The money that should be used for these things is diverted into the Redevelopment Agency.  It’s the only agency in government that can float a bond without a vote of the people.  And they did that, and now you’re paying off those bonds for the next 45 years with your property taxes.  Did you know that?  And by the way, even if Redevelopment is ended, as in California, they still have to pay off existing debt–for 30 to 45 years.

So, what does this have to do with Agenda 21?

Redevelopment is a tool used to further the Agenda 21 vision of remaking America’s cities. With redevelopment, cities have the right to take property by eminent domain—against the will of the property owner, and give it or sell it to a private developer. By declaring an area of town ‘blighted’ (and in some cities over 90% of the city area has been declared blighted) the property taxes in that area can be diverted away from the General Fund. This constriction of available funds is impoverishing the cities, forcing them to offer less and less services, and reducing your standard of living.  They’ll be telling you that it’s better, however, since they’ve put in nice street lights and colored paving.  The money gets redirected into the Redevelopment Agency and handed out to favored developers building low income housing and mixed use. Smart Growth. Cities have had thousands of condos built in the redevelopment areas and are telling you that you are terrible for wanting your own yard, for wanting privacy, for not wanting to be dictated to by a Condo Homeowner’s Association Board, for being anti-social, for not going along to get along, for not moving into a cramped apartment downtown where they can use your property taxes for paying off that huge bond debt.  But it’s not working, and you don’t want to move in there.  So they have to make you.  Read on.

Human habitation, as it is referred to now, is restricted to lands within the Urban Growth Boundaries of the city.  Only certain building designs are permitted.  Rural property is more and more restricted in what uses can be on it.  Although counties say that they support agricultural uses, eating locally produced food, farmer’s markets, etc, in fact there are so many regulations restricting water and land use (there are scenic corridors, inland rural corridors, baylands corridors, area plans, specific plans, redevelopment plans, huge fees, fines) that farmers are losing their lands altogether.  County roads are not being paved. The push is for people to get off of the land,  become more dependent, come into the cities.  To get out of the suburbs and into the cities.  Out of their private homes and into condos.  Out of their private cars and onto their bikes.

Bikes.  What does that have to do with it?  I like to ride my bike and so do you.  So what?  Bicycle advocacy groups are very powerful now.  Advocacy.  A fancy word for lobbying, influencing, and maybe strong-arming the public and politicians.  What’s the conection with bike groups?  National groups such as Complete Streets, Thunderhead Alliance, and others, have training programs teaching their members how to pressure for redevelopment, and training candidates for office.  It’s not just about bike lanes, it’s about remaking cities and rural areas to the ‘sustainable model’.  High density urban development without parking for cars is the goal. This means that whole towns need to be demolished and rebuilt in the image of sustainable development.  Bike groups are being used as the ‘shock troops’ for this plan.

What plan?  We’re losing our homes since this recession/depression began, and many of us could never afford those homes to begin with.  We got cheap money, used whatever we had to squeak into those homes, and now some of us lost them.  We were lured, indebted, and sunk. Whole neighborhoods are empty in some places.  Some are being bulldozed.  Cities cannot afford to extend services outside of their core areas. Slowly, people will not be able to afford single family homes.  Will not be able to afford private cars.  Will be more dependent.  More restricted. More easily watched and monitored.

This plan is a whole life plan.  It involves the educational system, the energy market, the transportation system, the governmental system, the health care system, food production, and more.  The plan is to restrict your choices, limit your funds, narrow your freedoms, and take away your voice.  One of the ways is by using the Delphi Technique to ‘manufacture consensus.’ Another is to infiltrate community groups or actually start neighborhood associations with hand-picked ‘leaders’.  Another is to groom and train future candidates for local offices.  Another is to sponsor non-governmental groups that go into schools and train children.  Another is to offer federal and private grants and funding for city programs that further the agenda.  Another is to educate a new generation of land use planners to require New Urbanism.  Another is to convert factories to other uses, introduce energy measures that penalize manufacturing, and set energy consumption goals to pre-1985 levels.  Another is to allow unregulated immigration in order to lower standards of living and drain local resources.

All of this sounds unbelievable until you have had direct experience with it.  You probably have, but unless you resisted it you won’t know it’s happening. That’s why we’d like you to read our blog ‘The Way We See It’ (click here). Go to the section in the blog (look on the right side under Categories) called Our Story.  You’ll get a look at how two unsuspecting people fell into a snake pit and survived to tell about it.


PostSustainabilityInstitute.org DemocratsAgainstUNAgenda21.com
UN Agenda 21/Sustainable Development is the action plan to inventory and
control all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all
construction, all means of production, all information, all energy, and all
human beings in the world. INVENTORY AND CONTROL
Have you wondered where these terms ‘sustainability’ and ‘smart growth’
and ‘high density urban mixed-use development’ came from? Doesn’t it
seem like about 10 years ago you’d never heard of them and now
everything seems to include these concepts? Is that just a
coincidence? That every town and county and state and nation in the
world would be changing their land use/planning codes and government
policies to align themselves with…what?
Far from being a ‘conspiracy theory’ or a ‘tin-foil hat’ fantasy, this is an
actual United Nations plan, signed onto in 1992 by President George HW
Bush along with 178 other world leaders. The UN called it Agenda 21
because it is the Agenda for the 21
century. According to UN Secretary
General Maurice Strong, the ‘affluent middle-class American lifestyle is
unsustainable.’ That includes single family homes, private vehicles,
appliances, air-conditioning, & meat-eating. They are a threat to the planet.
This might sound like a silly plan that doesn’t affect you. But look around.
This economic collapse is UN Agenda 21. You’ll hear that this plan is nonbinding, that it’s a dusty old plan with no teeth. That is a lie. In fact over
the last 20 years this plan has been implemented all over the United States.
It’s called Sustainable Development. The 3 E’s: ecology, economy, equity.
After George Bush signed it in 1992, it was brought back to the US by
President Clinton (1993) when he created the President’s Council on
Sustainable Development for the sole purpose of getting it into every city,
county, and state in the US through federal rules, regulations, and grants.
This is a global plan but is implemented locally. You’ll see it as a regional
plan. It might be called Vision 2035, or Your Town 2025, or One Bay Area,
or Plan NY…all of these regional plans are the same. They call for stack
and pack housing, restricted mobility, and regional government. Domestic
surveillance, smart meters, GMO’s, loss of freedom—all UN Agenda
21/Sustainable Development. You are losing your rights. You are being
manipulated. You are being lied to. You are the Resistance.
This is a non-partisan worldwide grassroots movement.PLEASE COPY AND DISTRIBUTE. AWARENESS IS THE FIRST STEP IN THE RESISTANCE.
PostSustainabilityInstitute.org DemocratsAgainstUNAgenda21.com
How could something that sounds so good be bad? Who wouldn’t want to
be sustainable? Vibrant? Walkable? Bikeable? Green? These buzz words
were designed to make you think that you’re doing something good for the
planet. This is the biggest public relations scam in the history of the world.
Sustainable Development was created and defined by the United Nations in
1987, and the action plan to implement it was signed onto in 1992 by US
President Bush and 178 other nations. It was called Agenda 21, the
Agenda for the 21st century. Considered unsustainable under this plan:
middle class lifestyle, single family homes, private vehicles, meat-eating,
air conditioning, appliances, dams, farming, you.
Clinton began to implement it in the US in 1993 by giving the American
Planning Association a multi-million dollar grant to write a land use
legislative blueprint for every municipality in the US. It is called Growing
Smart Legislative Guidebook with Model Statutes for Planning and the
Management of Change. This was completed in 2002 and is being used to
train planners in every university, college and government planning office
in the nation. Growing Smart is Smart Growth.
Growing Smart is in our planning department and its principles are in our
city and county plan. Right now. Beside this, on the shelf, is The Local
Agenda 21 Planning Guide put out by ICLEI and the United Nations. Urban
areas are being consolidated and rural areas are being emptied of people
through restrictive land use policies, gasoline costs, vehicle miles traveled
taxes, loss of rural road maintenance, closure of rural schools, closure of
rural post offices, water well monitoring, smart meters, and regionalization
pressures. Smart Growth is not just the preferred building style for UN
Agenda 21/Sustainable Development; it is the ideology. Moving people into
centralized urban areas in high density housing creates the perfect
opportunity for domestic surveillance. This ideology is being used as the
justification to radically change every city in the United States and to
impose regulations dictated by unelected regional boards and
commissions. It is remaking government. This dramatic revolution in
private property rights extends to every facet of our lives: education,
energy, food, housing, transportation. We are being told that this is OUR
PLAN but it is not. We object to this manipulation and refuse to be
subjected to it. Educate yourself. Speak out. BE the Resistance.

MORE:  http://www.democratsagainstunagenda21.com/

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